To The #womensmarch and The Anti-Trump Left

To The #womensmarch and The Anti-Trump Left

Today thousands of women (and likely a few cucked men) will march in protest of a democratic election, an act that clearly demonstrates they do not “accept” the results of the election, which was something that was so important when they thought they were going to win. They will stand in unison, chanting the same shit they’ve been chanting for 2 years, which is boilerplate text for any Republican that could’ve won, it just so happens to be Donald Trump. They’ll hold professionally printed signs and sing pre-written famous songs, and they’ll revel in their unoriginal uninspired and uninformed nonsense with very little to say and no new ideas. It will all boil down to “My mass murdering psychopath war-hawk with a vagina didn’t win and I’m mad about it”

None of them are educated on the power of the President. I know this because I’ve seen what they argue. He’s going to “overturn Roe vs. Wade.” He’s going to “Overturn gay marriage.” He’s going to “deport all my Muslim and Hispanic friends.” “He’s going to get us into World War 3!” He’s going to do all the things I don’t like, so I need to make sure I say what I’ve been saying for two years again before he’s even had a chance to do anything.

See that’s the thing with these bullshit marches. Irrespective of the fact that most of the people who would march today are utterly clueless about the office of the President, the deeper problem is that they’re uneducated on the issues.

They worry that Donald Trump is going to turn this country into a police state, but they ignore the fact that he can only do it due to powers held and enhanced by the prior President, in their eyes, the greatest man ever to hold the office.

They worry that Donald Trump is going to end all funding for all health care, not even realizing that Barack Obama didn’t provide that in the first place, and that the 30,000,000 number includes people who were added to Medicare and Medicaid, not the people who are getting subsidies. They won’t quibble over details like that.

They worry that Donald Trump is going to deport all their friends, while they ignore the fact that Obama presided over more deportations than any President in history.

They talk about how Donald Trump is going to tank the economy, not recognizing that for the past 16 years we’ve seen no signs that the economy is anything but tanked already. Barack Obama presided over eight years of anemic growth, an unemployment rate that declined by moving people into part time work and service jobs, and the lowest labor force participation rate in the past 20 years, and that doesn’t even begin to address the trillions of dollars in debt Obama racked up.

They talk about how Donald Trump is going to remove educational opportunity by cutting into public school funding, all while ignoring the fact that our public schools have turned into mediocrity mills regularly churning out high-schoolers who graduate unable to read.

They talk about how gay rights will be under assault while Donald Trump is the most pro-LGBT President in our lifetime and probably in history, and is the first president ever to walk into office believing both in gay rights and gay marriage, unlike his predecessor who started believing it right around the time the Supreme Court said it was legal, or his heir apparent who told everyone on numerous occasions that she didn’t believe in gay marriage at all and only supported civil unions, again, up until the Supreme Court made it safe to support.

They talk about how it’s going to be a field day for gun owners, ignoring the fact that in Chicago, where guns are outlawed, dozens of people die every week in gun-related violence.

They talk about an uptick in hate crimes when nearly every hate crime that has been presented with specificity of any kind has turned out to be a hoax, and the ones that haven’t been determined to be a hoax are so vague they’re un-verifiable.
They talk about how “his mouth” is going to “get us into a war” ignoring the hundreds of thousands of dead bodies our Nobel Peace Prize winning former President left in his wake, and the economy that those wars cratered, all the while he and his war-hawk cronies were trying to find new bomb targets.

It’s disturbing watching people melt down over the President, but it demonstrates something profound as well: there’s a gross amount of uninformed and dishonest arguing being done against Donald Trump. I’m not seeing a lot of talk about his terrible ideas on trade, his idiotic belief that the military is teetering on death because of lack of money, or that putting a gun to a company owner’s head and forcing them to stay in the United States is bad policy.

Instead, I see the same people with hollow vapid slogans, signs, and chants, saying the same thing they have been saying for the past two years. Why? Because they literally have nothing to say. They have nothing to add. They have nothing to bring to the table.

The anti-Trump crowd may be strong, and they’ll have their feel good moment today, but if they want to truly change hearts and minds and bring them around to their side they might want to do one thing: vote on issues not on parties. Barack Obama was an eight year extension of George W. Bush’s terrible management of the economy, awful foreign policy, and horrendous violations of the fourth amendment. It would be nice to see people talking about that rather than how much money Planned Parenthood is entitled to, how many marriages the state needs to get behind, and whether Black Lives or Blue Lives matter more.

Enjoy the march, but when you all get back into your buses today and head back home, satisfied that you’ve done your job and made your voice heard, start working, and not just on making a stronger case for those who identify as women. Educate yourself on the issues (all of them, not just ones related to vaginas) and then vote on issues. Then work with people who agree with you on real issues of importance and build coalitions. You know why that’s important?

Because when you go to bed tonight, Donald Trump will still be President. And when you wake up tomorrow Donald Trump will still be President. And every day for the next four years Donald Trump will be President.

Recognize the fact that people heard you and your message sucks. Then change it.

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