How The Flight 800 Debacle Makes Me Disbelieve The 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

When Flight 800 happened, there were very few people from New York City who believed the initial story.  It wasn’t 100% plausible, the government moved too quickly to quell stories, and there were so many witnesses who had no contact with each other spread over such a large area that it was almost impossible to believe that the “official story” was the right one.

Earlier this year, I finally got around to watching the Flight 800 documentary that aired on Epix and while critics of the documentary will tell you there was nothing there or that the official story is the right one, I’ll never believe it.  Too many questions remain unanswered.  Too many people involved in the investigation have said there were a large number of irregularities in methods and procedures, and too many times information that was in the official report has been contradicted by the same people who wrote the report recanting it.

In fact, almost everything that makes up the official account of that day has been questioned, brought into question, recanted, or challenged both by outside researchers and the actual investigators.

So how does this relate to 9/11 conspiracy theories?  Good question.

I’ve seen numerous believable theories about the 9/11 attacks.  Some of them are believable, some of them are utterly ridiculous.  The most interesting ones, however, don’t try to tell you what to think or what conclusion you should draw; they simply present evidence and allow you to decide for yourself.  I respect people who believe they’ve presented strong enough evidence on a subject and let you make your own decisions a lot more than people who tell you that “If you believe this, you must conclude this.”  Nope, I don’t work that way, and I’m just not wired to.

With Flight 800, the opposition to the official story was almost immediate.   The questioning from witnesses and the eyewitness accounts in newspapers and local media were rampant.  No matter what the NTSB said, there were people contradicting it.

But when people were cited and their name used in the coverup, they eventually broke.  Hank Hughes, one of the investigators from the NTSB, in particular worked hard to meticulously cite the problems he saw while he was part of the investigation.  Throughout the documentary, he absolutely refused to give in to pressure to keep his mouth shut.  Other investigators came forward and said they themselves had also felt pressured to keep quiet, but instead chose to not only speak up, but to request that the investigation be re-opened.

They would not allow their names to be hung on a conspiracy to deceive the American people.

Contrast that with 9/11.  While we have a plethora of dime-store documentaries and half-cocked internet explosive experts, we don’t really have a conspirator saying they were involved in a conspiracy.  While Flight 800’s conspiracy was the coverup and the half-hearted investigation, the 9/11 attacks’ conspiracy lies in who and how.

You would think that such a horrific thing done to fellow Americans would warrant at least a few of the co-conspirators coming forward, no?  A conspiracy of this size would require quite a few people to pull off, so wouldn’t it stand to reason that at least one of them would have a conscience?

That’s the problem.  Flight 800 had so many people involved with the investigation coming out and saying that it didn’t happen the way we were told, but none of the 9/11 investigators have come out and said “You’re being lied to.”  They’ve questioned details in the report, surely, but not to the degree of the Flight 800 story and when you think about it, the 9/11 attacks were almost 15 times as deadly.

Why is that?

People can’t keep their mouths shut.  Had 9/11 been a true conspiracy, someone would’ve spoken up by now.  After 13 years of having to live with that, I find it impossible to believe that no one’s conscience piped up and said “Hey, maybe we’re not doing a good thing here.”  We’re meant to believe that after more than 200 years of American history and people not being able to keep their mouths shut, suddenly everyone’s tongue is being held by the proverbial cat.

That’s a tough one for me to swallow.

I’m not totally ruling out the possibility that 9/11 was an “inside job” or that there was a massive coverup or some kind of governmental malfeasance.  It wouldn’t be the first time we were lied to in a systematic way for the sake of getting us all pissed off.  However, until someone decides they can’t keep this horrible secret any more, I’m going to let the conspiracy be simply that: a theory that simply doesn’t have proof beyond speculation from outsiders.

If, suddenly, we have a flood of 9/11 investigators that start behaving like the Flight 800 investigators, then I might change my mind.

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