Woman Acts Like a Bitch, Gets Called A Bitch, Gets Bitchier

Really, lady?


For some reason, some folks in the food service biz never learn the lesson that they shouldn’t vent their anger at a customer by insulting them on a receipt, to-go pack or in this case, a Starbucks cup.

“I was shocked. I didn’t understand why they would do that,” says a ‘Bucks customer who claims a staffer at the coffee colossus scrawled what appears to be the word “bitch” on the cup holding her caramel frappuccino.

“[M]y name is not bitch,” she explains to WABC-TV. “it’s Vicki.”

She says the incident was the result of her and her coworkers making light of a mistake the Starbucks staffer had made. And when she got back to her office, that’s when she noticed the five-letter word scribbled on her cup.

No, your name is bitch. And the fact that you went to the local news with this nothing story tells me you’re an even bigger bitch than one that would warrant having a beverage with the word on it.

I’m not condoning the behavior of the employees of Starbucks, but I have two things to point out:

1. This wasn’t some random unprovoked incident of bad behavior.

2. I have friends who are baristas and people treat them like garbage as if they’re paid to take the abuse of some snot nose who got 2 shots in their drink instead of 1 1/2.

Here’s a tip for “Vicki.” If you don’t want to be called “bitch,” don’t act like one.